Woemaboeke se Graad 8 en 9 e-Kursus

Terugvoer oor Woemaboeke se nuwe e-Kursus:

“We are always looking for extra support with our planning and keeping our kids focused. But we want them to LOVE Afrikaans!”

Now students can spend time online without parents or teachers complaining because they will be doing Afrikaans in a fun and interactive manner.

Learn Afrikaans FAL Digitally

The same publishers and writers of Woemaboeke now bring you exciting online courses with more than 680 interactive vocabulary-, comprehension-, and language tests.

Each of the six modules in the Grade 8 and 9 e-Course ends with two revision assessments.

Printable PDFs and interactive language revisions will make sure you learn Afrikaans in a fun and successful way!

Learning Afrikaans FAL is easy and fun!

It is like having a personal tutor in the comfort of your home!

Access your e-Courses here today!

Access the e-course here.
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