Did you know that learners can benefit greatly while learning a new language by balancing language theory with games?

The benefits of integrating games and playtime with language learning include, but are not limited to learners

  • that practise new words
  • who develop confidence in a casual environment?
  • are free to express themselves
  • who participate in recreational activities while they develop their
  • communication skills
  • who learn to maximise the use of words.

Below are some examples of games that are used throughout the Woemaboeke-series in the ‘Pret Afdelings” (Fun Sections) or in between the pages of theory as icebreakers.

Word Games

Games like crossword puzzles, categories, word searches, word shuffles and creative snakes and ladders aim to expand learners’ vocabulary. These games also encourage vocabulary development and communication skills.

Jokes and riddles

The Woemaboeke-series is a creative series and age-appropriate jokes and riddles throughout the modules encourage wordplay and imagination. Illustrations next to these riddles and jokes help learners to paint pictures of scenarios. This also fosters creativity and a positive attitude in Afrikaans as an Additional Language.


The authors sometimes use rhymes as text when language concepts are introduced. Rhymes help to promote good listening skills and memory retention, apart from developing speech.


My favourite activities in the Woema-series involve storytelling. An example of this is where learners must complete their own comic strip. Another example s where learners must match sentences to build a story about themselves. Storytelling helps to develop communication skills and broaden imagination skills.

The above games integrate language learning with fun.

For a Woemaboeke crossword to revise senior work, see here: https://woemaboeke.com/hersien-vir-die-eksamen/

Grade 4 – 9 teachers, here is a word game for your class to revise their spelling: https://woemaboeke.com/lente-woordskommel/

Web: https://woemaboeke.com/

Store: https://store.woemaboeke.com/

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