“Afrikaans FAL teachers should therefore thank the challenges that came with change, as we have been forced to keep on reinventing our methods. It is only by reinvention that we will keep our subject alive and valid.”

The team at Woemaboeke interviewed M. le Roux, an examiner for the Independent Examination Board (IEB), that was also involved in amending the Subject Assessment Guidelines for IEB Afrikaans FAL, on the topic of change, challenge, and online learning.

Today many schools debate what to use in the classroom: “ePUBs or actual textbooks?”

Is there a way both can be used for successful teaching in the modern classroom?

The team at Woemaboeke believes so. Students that consistently exercise and revise their course work online improved their Afrikaans FAL marks.

A survey done at a high school in Gauteng using the Woema Grade 8 e-Course..

The Woema Grade 8 and 9 e-Course (written and designed by the same publishers as the Woema Text- and Workbooks) provide a fun and interactive way to revise your Afrikaans FAL online.

These online courses have more than 680 new interactive vocabulary-, comprehension-, and language questions.

Printable PDFs and interactive language revisions will make sure your students learn Afrikaans in a fun and successful way!

We asked M. le Roux to evaluate the Woema Grade 8 Online e-Course:

W: Why is the course material suitable for an Afrikaans FAL Grade 8 learner?

M: Content relates to Grade 8 learner’s everyday life and is part of daily communication.

W: How does this course give learners more confidence to write Afrikaans FAL?

M: The course covers vocabulary and sentence construction – the two essential components of a written piece.

W: Would you say that this course was challenging or at the right level for Grade 8 Afrikaans   FAL learners? Please motivate.

M:The course covers a variety of thinking skills and offers the right balance of manageable and challenging, therefore the learners’ confidence is boosted by them managing most of the work easily but also being challenged to think at times.

W: Were you fairly assessed through different type of questions, i.e. quizzes, open ended questions, comprehension tests and revision? Can you elaborate how this will benefit learners?

M: Different types of questions are essential as not all learners think the same. Various types of question also lead to continuous stimulation of thinking processes.

W: Woemaboeke’s aim with this course was to help learners:

  • improve their Afrikaans FAL.
  • gain confidence in a second language
  • revise their Afrikaans FAL.
  • prepare for exams and tests.

Would you say this goal is achieved by the course?

M: Yes

W: What are the one to three specific features about the course that helped learners practice their Afrikaans FAL?

M: Interactive, fun, educational.

W: After completing the Afrikaans Grade 8 Demo Course, would you recommend this to learners?

M: Yes

You can read the full article in the ISASA Magazine here.

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